Patrick Pentland

“Playing live with Sloan means having a rig that is versatile. I need to be able to access different sounds in various playing conditions, from small clubs to festival stages, and it has to work every time. Trayner’s Dark Horse amps are perfect. The lower output means I can get that full rock sound without tearing heads off, and still have room for cleaner tones when needed. And putting them through 4 4X12 cabs means they drive just that much harder.”

Sloan is four distinct songwriting voices – guitarists Patrick Pentland and Jay Ferguson, bassist Chris Murphy and drummer Andrew Scott – that nonetheless form a cohesive collective. Long-time Toronto scenesters who will always call Halifax home.

Muchmusic and rock-radio regulars who Рvia their own murderecords label Рmaintain strong ties to their indie roots. Money-city maniacs who have a soft spot for sweet sugar tunes. Music vets who, instead of coasting on their cred, continue to challenge themselves with each record

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In the early 60s, Elvis was going strong and the Beatles were about to hit the charts. In the back room of a Toronto music store, a young Peter Traynor was about to make tube amp history.

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