Traynor Returns With YCV40 20th Anniversary Tube Amp Reissue

December 5, 2019 (Toronto, On)- Traynor Amplifiers celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the classic YCV40 tube amp with the YCV4050. This latest installment to the YCV series will premiere at Winter NAMM 2020.

As the year 2000 approached, the world braced itself for an impending Y2K disaster.  People stocked their bunkers with canned goods and corporations did everything they could to make sure their digital data was backed up and safe as possible from the dreaded numeric change. Meanwhile in Canada, legendary amplifier manufacturer, Traynor, kept on doing what they do best; designing an award-winning world class tube amp.

The YCV40 was released in 2000 and went on to become the longest running guitar amp series in the company’s 56 year history.

Prior to 2000, it had been approximately 10 years since Traynor had released a guitar amp. Traynor’s return had to be more than nostalgia, but relevant to the market of the day. Traynor’s name was still out there as enthusiasts were modifying their vintage Traynors. Ray Himbeault, Traynor’s Design Engineer who created the original YCV40 reflects on the decision process:  “We knew we wanted to build a single 12” combo with the features appropriate for the time.”

The YCV 40 was released to international success at the retail level and in the press. In 2001 the amp was awarded Guitar Player Magazine’s Editor’s Pick.

As the years went on, the YCV40 design evolved into a series with each amp having its own unique technical and cosmetic feature set. The YCV4050 20th Anniversary Edition is an accumulation of the most loved aspects offered by the YCV 40 culled from the last 20 years.

When Traynor released the YCV50B, the amp was renowned for its modern tone and addition of a Master Volume control.   The YCV4050 includes the Master Volume control and the ability to switch between “Vintage” and Modern” tones.

Designed and built in Canada, the YCV4050 contains a 12” Celestion Creamback speaker and hand-selected 12AX7 and 6L6GC tubes. An Auto-matching tube circuit maintains the bias balance as tubes age ensuring hum free performance throughout tube life.

Throughout its history the YCV series have been issued in black, blue and wine red.  To celebrate the 20th anniversary, the YCV4050 is finished in emerald green leatherette, oatmeal grill and chicken beak knobs.

The new YCV4050 20th Anniversary edition celebrates the YCV legacy and reintroduces the amp as a timeless classic.

Yorkville Sound’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Jeff Cowling, looks forward to user reaction: “The YCV40 is a perfect example of catching lightening in a bottle. This amp has been beloved by so many discerning guitar players over the last two decades.  Traynor’s cumulative experience with this amp lead us to the  YCV4050  – the best of the series from the inside out.”

Traynor Releases the YBA 100 Compact & Versatile 100-Watt Tube Bass Amp

Yorkville Sound distributed brand, Traynor Amplifiers is thrilled to deliver the Traynor YBA100 100-watt bass head. The amp is the latest installment in the YBA Bass series and will make its debut at Winter NAMM 2020.

“A 100 watt tube Bass head is a rare commodity in today’s Music Instrument retail landscape.”  says Jeff Cowling, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Yorkville Sound. “Traynor has developed the YBA100 as an accessible amp for Bass players seeking versatility in one lightweight package.”

The YBA series signature is its versatility. The stock YBA100 ships with 4 hand-selected and tested 6L6 power tubes, delivering a classic smooth tube tone. For players looking for a more aggressive bass sound, the stock 6L6 tubes can be easily changed to any high quality EL34 tube set and be re-biased in the field, making the YBA100 essentially two amps in one chassis.

The all-tube Traynor YBA100 100-watt bass head has been designed to be the ultimate tube head for the working musician.  LED indicators on the rear of the amp show proper tube function and status. In rare cases where a tube may fail, the YBA100 will lock out the problem tube and its partner, allowing the amp to finish the show on the remaining active tubes.

Smaller, portable and accessible, the YBA 100 is a lunch-box style amp, lighter than most 100 watt tube amps on the market.  The YBA100 is the ideal amp for today’s bassist, providing the ideal amount of output for tighter stage plots.

Traynor Presents the Big Block B115 Bass Combo

December 5, 2019 (Toronto, On)- Legendary Canadian instrument amplifier company, Traynor, is excited to announce the Big Block BB115.  This versatile bass combo will premiere at Winter NAMM 2020.

The BB115 Big Block bass amp combo is being introduced as the big brother to Traynor’s successful Small Block series of bass combos. Since its launch seven years ago, the Small Block combo has been beloved by the working and practicing bassist for its light weight and versatility.   As Small Block devotees developed, so did the demand for a bigger and louder version.

With the ability to deliver a full 800 Watts at 4 ohms, the ultra compact Traynor BB115 is the ideal professional bass combo for the musician on the move. Loaded with essential features including active and passive level instrument inputs, XLR DI output, and a versatile four band EQ, the BB115 allows virtually any tone to be dialed in quickly and easily.

The BB115 on its own can dial up 400 Watts into the 15” NEO woofer; however, by adding an extension cabinet, the amp can deliver an astounding total of 800 Watts. For those bass players who prefer a bright extended top end, there is an additional internal amplifier waiting to deliver 50 Watts into a high frequency driver at the flip of a switch. The all-metal chassis is fully road ready, mounted in a lightweight Baltic Birch enclosure. A rear mounted in-line effects loop, selectable Pre/Post EQ XLR DI output, front mounted tuner out (with mute) and a heavy duty Speakon™ speaker out is included.

Jeff Cowling, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Yorkville sound explains “The BB115 is a stage-ready amp for any bass player.  Set the dials at twelve o’clock and you already have a perfect bass tone.  The entire unit is easy to carry and maneuver with one hand.   Big Block is sure to get a big reception”.

Yorkville Sound is Now Shipping the Traynor TVM15

Yorkville Sound, leading manufacturer and distributor of pro audio systems, musical instruments and amplifiers is proud to announce the battery powered Traynor TVM15 is currently in stock and now shipping.

Perfect for rehearsal or street corner concert, the 15-watt Traynor TVM15’s three-channel design allows for quick connection to any microphone, instrument and media player. Individual volume controls on each input makes the battery powered TVM15 the complete ultra-compact PA system solution.

Channel one is ideal for vocals with an XLR / TRS combi-jack input, and independent tone control. A ¼-inch input on channel two easily handles any instrument source including acoustic guitars, electric guitars or keyboards. An additional RCA auxiliary input allows quick connection to any additional audio device.

The TVM15’s wedge monitor shape projects to an intimate audience from ground level. An integrated stand adaptor allows the TVM15 to be mounted on any speaker stand when used as a small announcement PA or background music source. Features:

  • Rechargeable 15 Watt Battery Powered Amplifier
  • Full Range with 6-inch Woofer and 2-inch Tweeter
  • XLR /TRS Combi-Jack Input with Level and Tone Control for quick connection to any microphone
  • ¼-Inch Instrument Level Input with Independent Input Gain
  • RCA Line Level Inputs for Media Player with Level Control
  • 3-band Master EQ
  • ¼-Inch Line Out for Connecting Multiple TVM15 for Wider Coverage
  • Convenient Wedge Monitor Shape
  • Integrated Speaker Stand Adaptor
  • Charge Level Indicator
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Traynor introduces the all new ultra-compact acoustic amplifier for 2016.

Traynor introduces the all new ultra-compact acoustic amplifier for 2016.

Toronto Ontario, January 2, 2016 – Traynor Amplifiers has added an ultra-compact fully featured combo amplifier for acoustic musicians to complete their popular AM Series line up.

The all new Acoustic Master Series AM Mini delivers maximum tone and clarity from its deceptively small footprint.  Designed for multiple applications, the AM Mini is not only an ideal personal monitor for live stages, but also the perfect compact all-in-one PA solution for the solo musician.

Two discrete input channels, one tailored for acoustic guitar and the other for vocals with simple and effective controls ensure quick and easy setup for any solo performance.  XLR balanced DI output that allows the same mix the artist hears to be sent to an additional powered speaker or Front-of-House PA for larger applications.

The Traynor AM Mini is making its debut at the January NAMM show, and will be shipping in the first quarter of 2016. 

Feature List

  • Compact Design
  • High Quality Speaker Components
  • Discrete Tuned Instrument and Microphone Input Channels
  • Additional 1/8th-inch TRS Stereo Auxiliary  Input
  • XLR Balanced DI Output
  • Made in Canada

AM Mini 200-watt Acoustic Instrument Amplifier – MSRP $ 489.00 US (MSRP $ 509.00 CDN)

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Traynor Adds Electronic Drum Amplifier to the Line for 2016


Traynor Adds Electronic Drum Amplifier

to the Line for 2016.

Toronto Ontario, January 2, 2016 – Building on the success of the Traynor Small Block Series bass combos and Block Series keyboard amplifiers, Yorkville Sound now adds a powerful, lightweight and ultra-compact drum combo amplifier to the line.

Ideal for stage, private practice or rehearsal hall, the Traynor DW10 drum amplifier uses a compact wedge monitor format and a high power low distortion 10-inch woofer and 1-inch compression driver on a PA style horn to deliver maximum tone and clarity.

Three discrete stereo input channels with stereo XLR balanced DI output make the TW10 a perfect small mixer solution for live applications.  Channels 2 and 3 can bypass the DI output so monitor feeds or metronome sources can be mixed into the DW10, but not sent to the Front-of-House PA – making the DW10 combo the ideal monitoring solution for the working drummer.  

Solid plywood cabinet construction and an all metal grille ensure unmatched long term ruggedness and reliability.  The Traynor DW10 is making its debut at the January NAMM show, and will be shipping in the first quarter of 2016. 

Feature List

  • Compact 200-watt Wedge Design
  • Tuned for Maximum Performance with Electronic Drum Kits
  • High Performance 10-inch Woofer
  • 1-Inch PA Quality High Frequency Compression Driver
  • Three Discrete Stereo Input Channels
  • Selectable DI Send on Channels 2 & 3 Allowing for Isolated Click Track or Local Monitoring
  • Stereo XLR Balanced Outputs
  • Made in Canada

DW10 200-watt Electronic Drum Amplifier – MSRP $599.00 US (MSRP $629.00 CDN)

Entire Traynor Small Block Bass Amp Line Now Shipping

Entire Traynor Small Block Bass Amp Line Now Shipping

Toronto Ontario, April 10, 2014 – The Traynor Small Block Series bass amplifier line is now shipping in all markets.  Launched at the 2014 NAMM show in Anaheim in January, the Made in Canada Small Block Series bass combos and heads are the ideal amp solution for the working / practicing musician.

Loaded with essential features including Active and Passive level instrument inputs XLR DI output, a versatile four band EQ with an additional low frequency expander, a player can dial in any tone quickly and easily.

The Low Frequency Expander allows the player to perfectly tune the bottom end response of any Small Block Series head or combo to suit their playing style.  Solid plywood cabinet construction on the Small Block combos ensure unmatched reliability under even the most extreme playing schedule. 

The Star of the Show is In Stores Now

Easily the biggest buzz surrounding the Traynor NAMM booth in 2014 was the Small Block SB200H Ultra Compact bass Head.  At less than 7 ½ inches (20cm) wide and weighing under 1.5lbs (680g), the Traynor Small Block SB200H is small in stature, but big on tone. was designed to withstand the rigors of the road, the SB200H is built using an all-metal chassis with front mounted handles to protect the knobs and jacks.

Traynor Small Block SB500H Bass Hits Retail Shelves Too.

The 500 watt SB500H delivers massive tone from a surprisingly small and compact source.   An all metal chassis, Speakon™ output, effects loop, defeatable limiter, XLR Direct output (selectable pre or post) and a master volume control ensure a full feature set despite its diminutive size.   


  • 4-band EQ w/ Low Frequency Expander
  • Active and Passive Instrument Level Inputs
  • XLR Balanced D.I Output Switchable Pre / Post
  • ¼-inch Headphone Output
  • All Metal Chassis
  • Solid Plywood Cabinet Construction  (Combos)
  • Made in Canada

SB110 200 watt 1×10-inch Combo – USMAP $399.00

SB112 200 watt 1×12-inch Combo – USMAP $449.00

SB115 200 watt 1×12-inch Combo – USMAP $499.00

SB200H 200 Watt Ultra Compact Head – USMAP $299.00

SB500H 500 Watt Compact Head – USMAP $499.00

Highly Coveted Traynor YBA-1Mod1 Now Shipping

Highly Coveted Traynor YBA-1Mod1 Now Shipping

Toronto Ontario, January 26, 2014 – Building on the popular (and highly sought after) Traynor Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Traynor YBA-1 head, the YBA1 Mod 1 uses three hand selected 12AX7 preamp tubes and two EL34 power tubes in a Class-AB design to deliver a purely classic guitar sound.

The Traynor YBA1 Mod1 is the perfect amp for the discerning player who appreciates incredible boutique tube tone, but doesn’t appreciate typical boutique amp pricing.

The two separate input channels on the YBA1 Mod 1 each have their own gain and character. The channels can be blended in parallel, or simply pull Channel Two Volume pot to run both channels in series for additional gain, with Channel Two Volume now acting as a master volume for the amp.

Four shared tone controls (Treble, Bass, High and Low Range Expanders) make it easy to dial in your perfect sound. While ‘Treble’ and ‘Bass’ act as traditional tone controls, the Range Expanders function more as ‘Mid’ and ‘Presence’ controls, offering more dimension and versatility to the YBA1 Mod 1.

An output attenuator located on the back of the head allows the Traynor YBA-1 Mod 1 Head to be tamed for use in studio, rehearsal hall or smaller stages. Five level settings (at 40, 20, 5, 1.0 and 0.5 watts) allow the master level to be controlled while leaving the characteristic tone of the amp relatively unchanged, even at bedroom volume.


  • Class-AB All Tube Design
  • Uses Hand Selected 12AX7 Preamp Tubes (x3) and EL34 Power Tubes (x2)
  • Two Individually Voiced Input Channels
  • Channels Can Be Blended in Parallel or Run in Series for Higher Gain
  • Push Pull Pot on Channel Two for Series / Parallel Mode
  • Channel Two Gain Control Acts as Master Volume in Series Mode
  • Traditional Tone Controls with Traynor Low and High Expanders
  • Output Power Attenuator (40, 20, 5, 1 and 0.1 watts)
  • Made in Canada

Traynor YBX212 Extension Cabinet

Built as the perfect companion for the Traynor YBA-1Mod1, the 120-watt Traynor YBX212 extension cabinet delivers massive tone in a compact ¼-stack package.   Loaded with a pair of 12-inch Celestion Vintage30’s in a vertical slanted cabinet design, the YBX212 delivers massive projection and ½-stack tone in an affordable, more manageable cabinet solution.


  • Innovative Vertical 2 x 12-inch Slant Cabinet Design
  • Delivers Massive Tone and Maximum Projection
  • Loaded with Celestion Vintage30’s
  • Solid Plywood Cabinet Construction
  • Made in Canada
Click photo to learn more about the YBX212

Sheepdogs Bassist Ryan Gullen Rocks ACC with Traynor YBA300

Sheepdogs Bassist Ryan Gullen Rocks ACC with Traynor YBA300

Sheepdogs, Rolling Stone
Click photo to learn more about Ryan Gullen & The YBA 300

Playing a coveted opening slot with Kings of Leon at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre, bassist and Traynor endorsee Ryan Gullen builds his live sound on his all-tube 300-watt YBA300 Bass Head.

Rapidly building their reputation as an old-school rock and roll revival, the Sheepdogs have built an impressive career for themselves in a relatively short period of time. From being voted ‘Favorite Local Band’ by the readers of Planet-S Magazine in their hometown of Saskatoon in 2009 to being featured on the cover of Rolling Stone by 2011, the Sheepdogs are definitely a band on the rise; – a band who’s live show has been described as ‘pure rock and roll jubilation.’

Rediscovering their roots with a sound that ranges from fierce rock to southern boogie with a healthy mix of psychedelia, the Sheepdogs blend big guitars, vintage keyboards, rich harmonies on a solid foundation provided by Ryan Gullen and his unrelenting Traynor tone.

The Sheepdogs are continuing their extensive touring schedule throughout the remainder of 2011 with concert and club dates in Canada and the United States.

Artists – Luke Doucet

February 2011

Test Drive – Dark Horse